Pathway is so important in every step to be taken as far as LIFE is concerned.

According to the Dictionary, “PATH” means A foot trail while “WAY” means A road/direction that leads to a certain point or destination(DICTIONARY).  Therefore, “PATHWAY” is said to be a footpath or track, a path that a person can either run/ walk along. Pathway can be a taken to be a track/direction that has a destination point.

Everyone in life run their race(s) according to their various path. It either affects us positively or negatively. Every individual must be conscious of how we allow our instinct directs our journey to our various destination. It must be known that the result of everyone’s destination/situation is the result of how we have walked our PATH.

It makes us whoever or whatsoever we are and will become. Never drift into other people’s path in haste to meet or overtake them. In hurdles, every racer maintains their lane, not drifting into one another so as to avoid confusion and focus loose.

Some followed multitude and end up threading the wrong Path. Our PATHWAY either takes us to SUCCESS or FAILURE point, LIFE or DEATH, JOY or SADNESS, FULFILLMENT or REGRET.

What you gotta know is that whatever you are today is as a result of the pathway or decision of “YESTERDAY” which will affect your “TOMORROW”

So, think “TODAY” and evaluate. Walking in the right path requires evaluation, creating time for oneself, looking into the PAST on how it has helped the FUTURE and how will it give one a better FUTURE.

EVALUATE your PATHWAY today and make a decision. As it has always been said BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

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