The Principles of 5Ps

I welcome all Tasuedites back on campus after a long decade. Let this serve as your motivation for this session, thinking about the headline “the principles of 5ps” don’t be panic i am here to answer your queries..

5P’s stand as

  1. P- proper
  2. P-planning
  3. P-prevent
  4. P-poor
  5. P-performance

Is that all ? Yes.

If you make a proper planning on your academics it will surely prevent you from poor performance, how can you do that?
Let take it one after the other

-P-proper simply means following the established standard of behaviour or manners. You need to prepare yourself for anything that comes your way, you are in school to succeed not to foppish.

-P-planning is the act or process of making plans for something, how well are you planning for your studies, eradicate exam malpractice, shun couple’s life on campus, work on any assignment given to you and make a well study timetable to follow. Making all this plans will surely works you to your expectation.

-P-prevent simply put means to put a stop or keep something from happening, there are three(3) things to prevent you from failure

> surround yourself with good people
> focus on your effort
> build yourself to your expectations

P-poor means not too good of a quality that is low or lower than expected. Note, no one can make you a dullard except you design yourself to be one..

P-performance is the act of performing an action or achievement. At the end, achievement matters most. There is a quote which states, working on something you love will be successful but working on something you don’t love or not have passion for will be stressful.

There are five (5) things to prevent you from poor performance:

  • Set a daily goals for yourself
  • Take risk and chase success
  • Surround yourself with successful people
  • Be focused on your goals and make your life a goal oriented
  • Stay away from distraction and understand that your time is limited

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