Youths of 21st century

Youths can be define as the period between childhood and adulthood ( maturity )
21st century is d current century we are now which began on January 1 2000 and will end by December 31 2099

Youths of 21st century are into ungodly act due to bad governance, lack of parental care, poverty, unemployment etc.
The youths cannot withstand it anymore, they have to feed themselves. They had no choice than to engage in prostitution, gambling, cyber crime, cultist, terrorism, human trafficking, etc.

After many years of education, no job,they loose hope, they were discouraged and depressed. Parents or guidance should dedicate their time to their children not to parties and worldly activities. Some parents do not even care about the welfarism of their children most especially females, when a female child is not well taken care of, she will end up misusing her life and times, follow bad gangs who will mislead her into ungodly activities like prostitution, while male end up smoking, armed robber, rapeing etc.

Youths engage mostly in social vices in order to meet needs and drive away poverty from their life.
When there is not good governance development, but instead most of our leaders are interested in accessing power and privileges not development.

If we have a good and balance leader who is ready to dedicate himself for his country, development will surely occur, when there is job for youths there will be no corruption, they will be able to feed themselves and their families.
Youths are exposed to insecurity and violence. We need adequate security.

Job opportunity, education, health services, if these are put in place, I am sure our youths will contribute well to the development.We can still make it we have 80 years more.

Written by-Oduyemi itunu Olamide (100LEVEL)

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