Immoral Dressing Among Students’ Of TASUED

(PHOTO CREDIT: spotyunlimited)

Loll!  Behold as our youths of nowadays behave in a way that our elders detested. They behave shamefully, dress awkwardly, speak disrespectfully all in the name of fashion. What was discarded as wrong is what our generation of youths regards as right. Crazy dressing has pervaded our society. Juvenile delinquency is now the order of the day. Majority of our youth has fallen prey to the horrible predator, IMMORALITY. Many girls dress nudely all in the name of fashion.

If we look at the way the present youths dress now, we will be astonished at the way our culture has degraded in our society. Crazy dressing, color combination, and other social vices are rampant in our society. Girls dress crazily, boys dress like fools all in the name of fashion. Though we are not saying that they shouldn’t dress, it should be decent and modest. This will give you a sense of comfort and honor in the society as people will respect them whenever they appear in the community. Do not dress nude or half-nude as this could expose you to some forms of danger.

An old saying goes thus, dress the way you want to be addressed This means that the way you dress will portray you in the society. If you dress modestly, you will be an object of ridicule in the society. Most of them don’t seem to realize that immorality can destroy their lives. As they say, modesty helps in shaping one’s life. You’ve got to dress decently and modestly as they will give you a feeling of pride and honor.


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